Yamaha XTZ 125E | New Toy Experience

10 out of 10 men love their bikes more than their Girlfriends. They would prefer to spend money to customize and enhance the looks of their precious gem than to buy a happy meal. - Mark (Just Kidding Version)

Seriously, I had a Honda XRM 125 which brought a lot of memories since 2010. Unfortunately, I sold it out last 2016 for the reason that I need to upgrade my workstation. Being a Motor Bike Enthusiast is more fun, you can do wherever you go, witnessing the beauty of some places or nature, sensing the smell of the road while its drizzling, touching the air while on the limited full throttle. (A gentle reminder if you are a rider too, please wear proper riding gear for the safety of yours).

I felt so long to ride a bike for about two years since I sold my previous bike. I missed those fun experience of being in a group ride or even alone, and that longing for fun ride pushes me to decide to buy a new toy which I did.

Meet my buddy named whitey!
Yamaha XTZ 125E
This guy is an XTZ 125E series from Yamaha Motorcycle equipped with a 125 displacement, air-cooled system, and a masculine figure. I felt so much in love when I first saw it and since this bike is a male version of my toy; I don't consider myself as a gay of course.

The Yamaha XTZ 125E Specifications.

At the first ride, I don't recommend myself to ride it as soft as the women's heart. Since this bike is on the break-in process, I ride it hard as Motoman's break-in taught about his proper procedure.
It seems to be useful as it gives a powerful torque/response on its primary gear. I'd no longer followed the user manual that indicates the proper break-in of a motorcycle. I had it on my first bike and followed the rule, but, it does give an opposing performance output with my procedure now.

I can say that the bike balance when riding feels smooth as silk for 5'8" height. Since I am new to the Dual-Sport category, the off-road experience has been more precise. While on the road, there was no problem found as it performs as same as the Motard version of it.

The torque is surprisingly responsive, and it does what it says with the specifications. However, its gear sprocket combination favors to be on the off-road experience but still can give you 100KPH full throttle if you do so. I can say that as "I" myself do an actual test of it. If you somewhat prefer a high-speed one, then you can choose what specific sprocket combination for you.

Final thoughts:
We have different taste of choosing a good bike that fit our needs. Some of us don't look for a fancy looks but rather for daily riding only and being a bike enthusiast give us a feeling of excitement while on the road. I don't know why I say this, but, this is just what my views tell precisely. All I can say, see you on the Road!

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