Start Freelancing Online & Make Money At Home

The freelancing business here in the Philippines are way too popular when making money online. Your friends and colleagues may ask you how you make money working at home sitting and just staring at your PC or Laptops. They may ask what website to register, full-time or part-time jobs, how easy to becoming admin support, how much compensation per hour or fixed price projects, and so on. Well, those are the simple questions when someone is about to start their journey online. If you compare the traditional job to a home-based job, then there are lots of difference such as an example:

Your appearances: You don't need to run and get a nice pair of shoes to impress your colleagues, a messy hair won't matter unless you Client needs to see you talking, your sitting position, and so on. Because you're free of what you're doing or looks inside of your office doesn't mean you don't need to get a proper space and attitude. It's essential to get a decent place and personality to be a successful freelancer, of course.

Below are the following criteria on how to become a successful online freelancer.

• Resources
Everything you would keep in mind is your resources.

- PC or Laptops (Minimum Dual-Core and 4GB RAM)
- Internet connections minimum of 10Mbps Fibre Optic if you're using it alone
- Noise-free environment
- USB headset for better playback and mic quality

Well, if your thinking of not having enough spaces for your online jobs, then you can find nearby internet cafes to create or log your tracking account.

• What platform should you use?
Too many platforms to use when you're planning to create an account. One of the most popular here is the Upwork or formerly known as Odesk-Elance, but, this Freelance Platform will review your application first to get approved. Why is that? Because of too many skills competition found in the marketplace, and yet the Upwork start to filter the unique skills available today to meet the Client's expectation and effectiveness. Also, more of the Filipino citizens uses and as these websites automatically approved your profile after registration.

• Skills
Your skill plays a vital role when engaging the new task from your Client. The traditional skills that most of us Filipino use are Data Entries which is general, Admin Support Virtual Assistant to help your client managing social media pages including ads control, Office Products such as MS Office and Google Docs to support task entries, Cold Calling if applicable, Graphics Design including logo creation, and many more as you named yours. If you are confident of your skills, then you may sum up your expertise to showcase and get hired as soon as your profile is ready.

• Credentials
For you to get paid, you must have a valid PayPal account and Debit Card linked to it. These payment methods help your profile effectiveness scaled to 100 percent.

• Conclusions:
The above mentions are the essentials to start a Freelancing Business and doing online jobs at home is more fun than the regular employment in the system today. If you meet those guidelines and start doing what you've wanted to be, then you can be as many other people working at home earning money while playing with their kids or have a meaningful conversation with the family.

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