Billease Installment Plan | Lazada Voucher Code

Lazada online makes more convenient for us to buy stuff than walking in some modern malls in the Philippines. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages, and one good thing is that you can purchase at Lazada using Billease.PH installment feature.

What is
"With BillEase you can now order on Lazada and enjoy convenient installment payments even without a credit card."

Since I am an avid fan of Lazada COD payment method, I'd never doubt to try another method/s other than the traditional one. My first submission of application went disapproved, the Billease team requires you to comply any government IDs and Proof of billing that entitles your primary address. Fortunately, on the second attempt, my application successfully confirmed, and I now started to decide what amount should use to buy a precious item on Lazada. The Billease will send you an email and mobile notification saying you have received a voucher code which you will use later on as a purchase cod…

Yamaha XTZ 125E | New Toy Experience

10 out of 10 men love their bikes more than their Girlfriends. They would prefer to spend money to customize and enhance the looks of their precious gem than to buy a happy meal. - Mark (Just Kidding Version)

Seriously, I had a Honda XRM 125 which brought a lot of memories since 2010. Unfortunately, I sold it out last 2016 for the reason that I need to upgrade my workstation. Being a Motor Bike Enthusiast is more fun, you can do wherever you go, witnessing the beauty of some places or nature, sensing the smell of the road while its drizzling, touching the air while on the limited full throttle. (A gentle reminder if you are a rider too, please wear proper riding gear for the safety of yours).

I felt so long to ride a bike for about two years since I sold my previous bike. I missed those fun experience of being in a group ride or even alone, and that longing for fun ride pushes me to decide to buy a new toy which I did.

Meet my buddy named whitey!
This guy is an XTZ 125E series from Yam…

Start Freelancing Online & Make Money At Home

The freelancing business here in the Philippines are way too popular when making money online. Your friends and colleagues may ask you how you make money working at home sitting and just staring at your PC or Laptops. They may ask what website to register, full-time or part-time jobs, how easy to becoming admin support, how much compensation per hour or fixed price projects, and so on. Well, those are the simple questions when someone is about to start their journey online. If you compare the traditional job to a home-based job, then there are lots of difference such as an example:

Your appearances: You don't need to run and get a nice pair of shoes to impress your colleagues, a messy hair won't matter unless you Client needs to see you talking, your sitting position, and so on. Because you're free of what you're doing or looks inside of your office doesn't mean you don't need to get a proper space and attitude. It's essential to get a decent place and pers…


Hello! Thanks for visiting my page. I am Mark Quitong from the Philippines, I completed my Associate's Degree in Information & Technology course from STI College General Santos City.

I am currently working as an Online Freelancer or what we called (Work At Home Jobs) or (Online Jobs). I am using Upwork as my primary platform to find vacant jobs related to my skills in the market. I started working as a Freelancer last year November 2017, but before that, my Upwork profile has been inactive for so long since April 2012. Thanks to my friend who referred my profile to one of his Client on the said platform, and fortunately started the journey as an Online Freelancer.

What are the primary skills I used to perform when get hired?

• Website Coordinator:
I can run Wordpress Website integrated with the hosting package (Any Hosting Company) including CPanel. On top of that, I also manage to run plugins such as WooCommerce for an online store, SEO or Search Engine Optimization such as Y…